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Dr. Ferro discusses Vulvar Acne with BLOOD + MILK

“The vulva, like every part of our body, has sweat glands and hair follicles,”  says Miami-based OB-GYN, Dr. Jaclyn Ferro, MD. “These follicles can accumulate build-up, which can cause acne.” This particular acne, Garren points out, only occurs on the vulva or external pubic area.

The main causes of vulvar acne, Ferro says, is typically due to sweat, or retaining moisture (i.e. staying in wet bathing suits or workout clothes, not maintaining good vaginal hygiene) that can lead to irritation.

Acne can also occur, Ferro notes, because of douching, using non-hypoallergenic soaps, spermicides, certain detergents and/or harsh products “that can change the vaginal pH and aggravate the skin.”

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