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Let’s talk about Tongue Ties and how they may be affecting you & your little one⁠.

⁠⁣First, let's explain what tongue ties are, AKA Ankyloglossia, is caused when the membrane that anchors the tongue to the bottom of your mouth is short. The lingual frenulum typically thins out before birth, but when this doesn't happen your little one’s tongue is more restricted in movement. ⁠⁣


What your baby may experience:⁠⁣

  • Harder to latch on while breastfeeding⁠⁣

  • Harder to suck milk out, making the need for constant feeding⁠ or cluster feeds⁣

  • Difficulty staying on the breast while feeding, you may hear a clicking sound when suction is lost⁠. ⁣


What mom may experience:⁠⁣

  • Pain during feeding⁠⁣

  • Engorgement due to lack of full suction power⁠, which can lead to mastitis ⁣

  • Low milk production since milk isn't being removed⁠/stimulated as much ⁣

  • Frustration and discouragement ⁠⁣


If you think your little one may have a tongue tie, please contact your pediatrician and a lactation consultant may be helpful for guidance. ⁠⁣


There are several options available to parents, so please don't feel discouraged. This is something that is treatable.⁠⁣


For all my mommies out there that have dealt with tongue ties, what advice would you share with a new mom? ⁣

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